A Quick Guide to Buying Runner Rugs for Your Hallway

A Quick Guide to Buy Runner Rugs for Your Hallway Runner

Whether you are buying runner rugs for hallways to provide control on high traffic areas of your home or changing your interior look, there are hallway runners for every taste. They help to protect the wooden floor and keep the hallway warm and bright, so we almost need them! On top of that, they are one of the easiest ways to add some extra style! If you are looking for a custom size runner for a cheap price or the best material for hallway runners, this guide can help you to find the best hallway runner rugs for your home. 

Determining the Size of Hallway Runners

Measurement is the first step of choosing a hallway runner as well as the first step of the home decoration. You can start with measuring your hallway's length and width and continue considering the space between hallway runner and wall. For the best lay out, putting hallway runners 10 cm or 4 inches away from the wall is optimum. Also, if you wish to get rid of the cheerless mood in your long hallway, using hall runners extra-long will uplift your style in your narrow hallways or spaces in your home. Measurements may be confusing, so it is beneficial to take the help of custom size runners. You can select and customize the runners as well as you can buy hallway runners by meter. 

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Selecting the Style and Color of Hallway Runner

It is not easy to give tips about color or patterns on your hallway runner because there is no accounting to taste but surely there are ways to reflect your style. Also, considering hallway runners cover a good size of area, it will have a strong impact on style, so you may want your hallway runner to be in harmony with the rest of your home. You may choose contemporary geometric patterns to create a modern look or go with the subtle and conventional style to bring minimalism. For the color, you can use bright colors to increase the mood or go with a similar color of your flooring. 

Choosing the Best Material for Hallway Runners

Deciding the fiber of the hallway runners correctly will save time and money. Wool runners can be a good idea for the hallway runners with its durable and soft features. However, it can be an expensive option if you are considering buying a cheap hall runner. For example, spilling hard-to-clean stains like wine may cause you to lose your wool hallway runner till forever. Synthetic fibers can be chosen which will make your life easier if you have an allergy to natural fabrics. If you have a pet, polypropylene can be a good option with its ease of cleaning and moisture resistant structure. For high-traffic areas, cotton and nylon runner material can be considered with its durable texture.

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Safety Comes First: Use Rug Underlays for Hall Runners

Best way to prevent slips and trips on the floor is using rug underlays and anti-slip pads. While most people try to find the solution after buying a hallway runner, it will not be enough without purchasing anti-slip pads with hall runners. It not only prevents safety issues at your home, but also prolongs hard floors' life by guarding them against wear and tear. Especially, if you have a multi-story home, rolling a runner rug with underlays down the stairs will be an extra safety feature, and also helps to reduce stepping noise. You will give more comfort to your pets and more safety to your toddlers by stopping the hallway runners from slipping on hard floors with usage of rug underlays. 

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