Carpet Hallway Runner Overlocking


What is Carpet Overlocking

Carpet overlocking is the process of running fabric around the edge of a carpet in order to create neat, even and professional-looking finish.

  • It is a technique for joining two pieces of carpet together or for securing an unfixed looped carpet to a flat surface.
  • It is a low-cost way to keep your carpet clean and looking new for longer.

The process starts by cutting a strip of material with an overlock machine around 1cm less than the width of your carpet and 2cm shorter than it. The next step is to carefully position the piece around your last row of flooring so that you can start sewing it onto the edge.

The benefits of getting your carpet overlocked includes:

Improved aesthetics, as well as durability.

Lowers the risk of fraying and unraveling - Improves the life expectancy of your carpet or other goods made from fabric

Provides a clean edge to the carpet, which improves its appearance.

Helps reduce noise in certain instances

Where can I go to get my carpet overlocked?

For people who live in Australia and are looking for an Overlocking Rugs- Hallway Runner service, we at Star Rugs offer this Carpet Overlocking service in Sydney . Here you can purchase Rugs carpets as well as get your carpets overlocked at a later date if you wish to delay your investment in time and money while considering what would work best with your home’s interior design.

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