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Finding the Perfect Kids Rugs for Your Nursery Room

Children's rugs are the secret heroes that contribute extra comfort to your kids' growth and education. For making the kid's room cozy, safe and hygienic, you need to choose the best area rugs for kids. Whether you are looking for kids rugs in Sydney or considering buying cheap children’s area rugs for kids in Melbourne, you are at the right place. Also, in case you do not know what to look for or where to start searching, reading this guide will definitely save you time and budget.


Deciding Kid-Friendly Rug Material and Style

First step for deciding children's area rugs is choosing the best rug material, since it will affect its durability and provide you with ease of maintenance. As kids are huge fans of crawling, running, and playing on the floor, kids' rooms are usually described as high-traffic areas. To prolong rugs’ lifespan, flat-woven or cut pile rug style can be picked. Cotton and wool rugs are outstanding examples of the children's rug and provide an advantage with their lightweight and durable nature. For ease of cleaning rugs, polyester kid rugs can be considered as optimum, not only with its soft and warm feeling but also with its stain-resistant fabric. 

Deciding the Rug Size for the Kids' Rooms

You might be looking for a certain type of rug like, preschool rugs or cheap educational rugs but apart from this, well-chosen child rug size saves you from the hassles of refund expenses and excessive waiting time. By considering furniture's position and the available space in the kids' rooms, you can find which rug size is the best for your loved ones. Yes, covering too much space with rugs will outshine the rest of the room and furniture but it is also important to remember that giving more space for the playing activities will make your kids more comfortable to play on the floor. Additionally, it will make  the room more spacious and less untidy while toys are around.

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Being Stylish and Colorful (Color & Pattern)

When the subject is about color or pattern, the sky's the limit but taking kids into consideration, cleanliness is a major limitation. If your kid’s room and furniture inside are mostly plain and simple, using colorful patterns will light things up and encourage some creativity.  For adding some sparkle, don't forget to check the cool kids’ rugs. Of course, it should still be in harmony with the colors of walls and furniture while providing ease of cleaning. What is the answer to all these constraints? Medium-toned kid's rug colors! Naturalist colors like grey, brown or green can go with all colors and help to mask some spots and spills easily. 

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Types of Kids' Rugs to Avoid

We talked about a lot of factors that may affect your decision but probably safety is the biggest one. Looped pile kids' rugs sometimes cause trips and falls because loops may snag with age. They also have a bad reputation for their difficulty of cleaning. When considering your options, make sure your rug has a cotton back and add an anti-slip rug pad to your basket to eliminate any slip and trip hazards. Last but not least, some rug styles can look chic in living areas or adult bedrooms, but they are not advisable for kids’ spaces if you are tight on budget. Silk, velvet, and plush carpets are the best examples of them.

Need more advice?

Hopefully, this post was helpful to show you the right direction but if you still feel like lost or just looking for kids rugs in Australia, we are here with our online store with a variety of discount kids rugs.


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