How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Bedroom

How to Choose the Best Rugs in Australia for Your Bedroom?

Stepping onto the warm and soft floor is the best prize when you open your eyes to a new day. Bedroom mats and rugs provide you a cozy and warm feeling as well as give a magic decorative touch with its texture and color.


To choose the best rug in Australia, the writer says that these three points should be considered on which rug you buy:

1) Budget: How much do you want to spend on the rug?

2) Size: What size rug do you need?

3) What type of carpet does your room suit?

Seemingly, when we choose a rug for the bedroom, we need to think about from placement to size, style, material, and colors. Also, finding the best bedroom rugs for cheap prices is a vital part of this journey. So, if you are wondering, what are the best quality rugs for your bedroom, this guide will help you to find the best bedroom rugs in Australia

How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Bedroom

Where Should a Rug be Placed in a Bedroom?

Bedroom rug placement has a big impact on your bedroom's interior design as well as on your mood. By placing bedroom rugs properly, you can catch the interior harmony or give a new shape. For making your master bedroom cozier and more stylish, using small rugs and runners can be a good idea.

You can place a Large Rug under the bed or bedroom rugs on one side of your bed as well as both sides. It will surely create a balance by giving more space to the furniture in your bedroom while giving the soft touch. For a children's room, placing a large area rug will provide a soft and safe play area for them. 

Bedroom Rug Placement

How to Decide the Best Bedroom Rug Size for Your Bedroom?

Bedroom rugs should have a considerable size around your bed enough to set foot to a warm floor.

For big bedroom spaces, for example, by using large bedroom rugs under the queen bed, you will give more space to your feet to walk softly just before going to bed.

Likewise, you will need a space of 45 cm from each side of the bedroom area rugs to the edge of the bed.

For small bedrooms, by using small rugs which still have necessary space from each side, you do not overwhelm the space and together with that, make the space look bigger.

If your space is narrow, using runner rugs will provide you a cozy feeling without covering the entire floor. 

Deciding the Best Bedroom Rug Size

What Type of Rug Material and Style is the Best for Your Bedroom?

As the bedrooms are low-traffic areas, you can feel free to use all types of bedroom rugs that need regular maintenance. For a cozier and smoother feeling on the floor, natural rugs can be considered. Wool and silk rugs are the best for bedrooms with its durable and practical features. Olefin rugs are extremely popular among synthetic rug materials with their calming feeling, low maintenance need and colorful options. Finally, Chenille rugs can be the best rug option for those who love long pile rugs' rough feeling. Because they are made from blended cotton, olefin, rayon, and jute; you can find both polyester and polypropylene rug fiber options.

Bedroom Rug Material

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Rug Color?

A well-chosen bedroom rug color will complete a stylish look as well as save your time. For maximizing cozy feeling and catching the balance, you can go with the black and white patterned shag rugs. If you are a huge fan of the ocean or can't take your eyes away from the sky, bedroom rugs blue is for you! We can hear your questions about the best rug colors for the kids' room. So, when the children come into question, giving more freedom to them is important as well as the time you spend on its maintenance. While picking colorful rug options will give character, neutral color rugs will provide ease of cleaning. For more ideas, please check our guides about kids' bedroom rug colors. 

Need more advice?

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