Buy Kids Rugs in Australia

What Rugs are Safe for Kids in Australia?

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting rugs that are safe for children. Here are some recommendations to assist you in choosing rugs suitable for kids:


Material: Choose rugs made of organic, non-toxic materials like jute, wool, or cotton. Comparing these materials to synthetic ones that can include dangerous chemicals, they are typically safer for kids.


Non-slip backing: To avoid slipping and causing accidents, especially in high-traffic areas or on hard flooring surfaces, make sure the rug has a non-slip backing or rug pad.


Low-pile or flatweave rugs: Low-pile or flatweave rugs are preferred for children's rooms. They are simpler to clean and pose less of a fall or trip hazard thanks to their shorter pile height.


Stain resistance: Look for rugs that have stain-resistant properties or can be easily cleaned. Kids are prone to spills and accidents, so having a rug that can withstand frequent cleaning without damage is beneficial.


Avoid small fibers or loose threads: Rugs with small fibers or loose threads can pose a choking hazard to young children. Ensure that the rug is well-made and doesn't have any loose parts that can easily come off.


Allergen-free:  Hypoallergenic rugs that don't collect allergens like dust mites or pet dander should be taken into consideration if your child suffers from allergies or asthma.


Easy maintenance:  Opt for rugs that are simple to keep clean and maintain. Rugs that can be machine washed or spot cleaned are practical choices for busy families with kids.


Non-toxic dyes: Verify if the rug's dyes are non-toxic and suitable for kids. Avoid rugs with strong chemical smells since they can contain dangerous materials.


Remember, in addition to selecting a safe rug, it's crucial to regularly inspect and maintain the rug to ensure its safety over time.

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