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Which rugs are best for machine washing?

The demand for washable rugs has skyrocketed recently. It makes sense why since cleaning traditional rugs can be intimidating. After a spill, being able to just toss your rug in the washing machine will free up a lot of stress and allow you to enjoy entertaining without having to keep a close eye on your customers.


Always read the manufacturer's instructions before inserting it into the machine is a common rule of thumb. Many rugs can withstand being washed, though not all can.

Rubber-backed rugs will deteriorate more quickly with repeated washings. Regular washing can remove dirt, debris, pet dander, and dust that are deeply ingrained in the fibre of the rug and which vacuuming just cannot remove. Here is a quick list of rug materials that can be washed in a washing machine


Many rugs can be machine washable, but it ultimately depends on the material and construction of the rug.

Here are some common types of rugs that are often machine washable:


  1. Cotton rugs: Rugs made with cotton are frequently machine washable and durable. To be sure the rug can be machine washed, nevertheless, it's crucial to read the manufacturer's care instructions.


  1. Synthetic rugs: Synthetic rugs such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic are often machine washable. These materials are durable and can handle the agitation of a washing machine. Again, check the care instructions to confirm.


  1. Small area rugs: Small rugs like bathroom mats or kitchen rugs are often machine washable. They are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, so they can typically be washed in a washing machine.


  1. Outdoor rugs: Many outdoor carpets may be washed in a machine. These rugs are built to survive exposure to the weather and are frequently made of materials that are simple to wash in a washing machine.


  1. Flatweave rugs: Due to their tight weave and lack of pile, flatweave rugs like kilims or dhurries are typically machine washable. They can frequently be rolled up and machine-washed without suffering any harm.


  1. Viscose Rugs : A semi-synthetic fibre is viscose. Because wood pulp is its primary component, viscose is frequently categorised as both a natural and a synthetic fibre. Although you can wash a viscose rug in a machine if necessary, hand washing or spot cleaning are preferable because viscose rugs are more delicate.


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To wash the rug correctly and preserve its quality as described above, always follow the manufacturer's care instructions. It's preferable to refer to the care instructions or get advice directly from the manufacturer if you're unsure about a particular rug.


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