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Arima Soft 8204 Grey Rug

Arima Soft 8204 Grey Rug

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This elegant collection is luxuriously crafted with a finely textured soft pile Rug  made from viscose and polyester, and has a cross woven, dense construction. The detailed and subdued patterns in this exquisite collection range from ultra-modern to refined classics and are completed with beautiful finishes, including genuine short fringes. This highly decorative collection is power loomed in Turkey and has shed-resistant, anti-static properties.


 Luxurious, crosswoven fine texture

Heat-set viscose and polyester

Soft pile

Short fringes




 Available in Sizes:

 120cm x 170cm

160cm x 230cm

200cm x 300cm

240cm x 330cm

300cm x 400cm

80cm x 150cm

Runner 80cm x 300cm

 Made in Turkey


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